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The world is a scary place.  Even scarier still is that it depends on us to keep from burying it knee deep in garbage, decimating every creature in existence, and turning all water into battery acid; this is a lot to ask from people who invented a machine so they could walk indoors for exercise.

The environmental movement has been separated into two basic groups: smelly hippies and everyone else. It is safe to say that most of us do not hold a grudge against the planet, but we just don’t have the time or extra energy to chain ourselves to an oil tanker while writing a petition to save invisible almost extinct tree frogs.

The nonprofit organizations, however, are picking up our slack. They will chain themselves to anything environmentally questionable and all you have to do is wear their organic, made in America, 100% cotton t-shirt. Patchouli scent optional.

Is there something in the world you love beyond measure? Are you in the market for a new cause to support? is on a mission to hook up helpful supporters to the nonprofit that needs them. Swing by their sites to support such classy causes as:

California, USA
Quality, stylish apparel, that when purchased allows us to give $7 per purchase back to the charity that the design was inspired by.

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Twitter: @SelflessTee is a site that provides a week’s worth of advertising time to one non profit each week. Visitor’s to the site can purchase a shirt, pledge time, or just make a donation. The available causes are diverse, but past campaigns included:

Santa Ana, CA, USA
Our ultimate goal is to help people, fund worthy causes, and offer the magic kick some charities need to keep changing the world.

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Twitter: @Sevenly

Recently reviewed is another site with a mission for spreading the wealth. Their site features one charity per calendar month and donates a portion of the proceeds to the selected charity. They offer organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies for men and women with a design of the charity’s logo on it. This month’s charity is currently supporting Habitat for Humanity GLA.

Upperatus - Habitat for Humanity GLA

Upperatus – Habitat for Humanity GLA

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