Advertising on is still in its infancy. There is nothing we hate more than a website whose content has to compete with banner advertisements. As such, we are still hashing out the details for our advertising opportunities. We do, however, currently accept paid spotlight reviews. Such reviews are marked as such, but we do our best to highlight the best attributes of the product being reviewed.

Paid Spotlights

A paid spotlight is a review that takes priority over all other tasks.  In the event a vendor would like to purchase a paid spotlight, we will move your review to the top of the queue.  As we are hashing out the details of our spotlights, we will most likely be including a banner or button placement of your brand for a specific duration.  In short, paint spotlights will get your brand a quality review and some form of additional advertising.

Banner Advertisements

As mentioned above, we are still figuring out the best way to implement such a program that does not take away from the experience.  If you have interest in participating in such a program, please contact us and we can discuss some of the details on where we are at in that process.

The Vault

We are going to allow vendors to spotlight their products in our vault.  This will mean greater visibility in search results as well as a specialized area in the vault calling out paid spotlight brands.

Affiliate Links

All throughout the site, we auto link our external links to products to an associated affiliate program if we have access to it.  The revenue generated from these links help us  keep the site running.  If you have a particular affiliate program we are not apart of please let us know!

As we refine our advertising programs, we will revise the information on this page.  If you have interest or would like to discuss the details of a paid spotlight, please visit our contact page and shoot us a message.