So, who are you?

TeeVault.com is a recently aquired web property by Exsom Group, LLC. As an avid t-shirt enthuaist and designer of a seperate brand (FiveOneTwo, LLC) based in Austin, Texas, it only made sense that Exsom aquire TeeVault.com and continue the long tradition of providing a vaulable platform to t-shirt enthuaists all over the world. More on our history can be found on our blog post The All New TeeVault.

What is the vault?

TeeVault.com was originally built to house t-shirts from all different brands in a single location. It’s success, interestingly enough, was driven more by the blog that supported the vault development efforts. As we look at how the TeeVault.com brand evolves, we are changing our core philopshpy and focusing our efforts to better promote the indie t-shirt market. As we do that, we hope to rebuild the vault and include a curated list of t-shirts (with an increased amount of specific categories and brands) that brings attention to designers and their efforts to make us all more fashionably awesome (slogan stolen straight from FiveOneTwo, LLC).

What is your core focus?

Simple. We want to promote indie brands all over the world while giving t-shirt enthusiasts a rich environment for becoming more fashionably awesome. We plan to do that in several ways. First, reviews. We feel quality reviews of the indie brands on the market will drive more customers to these smaller shops. Second, our vault. When you fall to the addiction of buying t-shirts, you began to appreciate things about shirts you never thought of before. The type of shirt, the type of ink, and the printing method all become requirements for your perfect shirt. We hope to increase the depth of our vault to allow enthusiasts of all levels to find the perfect shirt for them. Lastly, social engagement and t-shirt deal notifications. Finding the perfect t-shirt is awesome – finding it on sale is even better.

Do you sell t-shirts?

No. We like to think of ourselves as salespeople for an industry of hard working designers. We want you to find that perfect shirt and enjoy finding it as much as we do. In the spirit of full disclosure, Exsom Group, LLC’s sister company – FiveOneTwo, LLC – is an indie t-shirt shop. We think our passion and professional experience in the industry is what will set us apart in the end.

How can I get my brand or shirt reviewed?

It’s pretty simple. Check out our requests page for more information.

Can I advertise on TeeVault.com?

Sure can. We even have sponsored spotlight posts available if that suits your fancy.

I have a question or concern, who should I contact?

If you have a technical issue or a concern about content posted on TeeVault.com, please utilize the contact form to submit your issue.

Can I use the images or content on your site?

No. If you have interest in the content on this site, please contact us to discuss your specific request. Otherwise, all the content on this site is copyrighted of either Exsom Group, LLC or the respective owners of the brand images and content we display. If you are looking to utilize images from a particular brand, please contact them directly.  Don’t steal. It is mean.

Where are you guys located?

Austin, Texas. We love music as much as we love t-shirts.

How can I get my brand in the vault?

Simple – contact us.  We’ve written a tool that will allow us to scrape data from most websites and process it for our vault.  In the cases where we can’t, then we will provide instructions for how to send us your inventory.  The process is manual (in either case), but worth it.  If we can do all the work for you, we will try.