Cultbook (Facebook Illuminati like symbol) t-shirt

Remember that hoodie Mark Zuckerberg was seen removing on video at the D8 conference that revealed an Illuminati-like symbol on the inside of the hoodie. The symbol consists of arrows that surround a circle and text on the circle that reads “Making the world open and connected” with facebook written at the bottom.

Well, here’s a picture of the design where you can see the symbol more clearly than in the video.

facebook hoodie

Okay, but why is this here? Well, simply because it didn’t take someone too long to come out with a parody of the design and now it’s actually out as a t-shirt. The parody looks almost the same except that the word facebook has been replaced by cultbook and the graphic was changed a bit.
So, here’s you cultbook t-shirt.

cultbook illuminati like facebook t-shirt
And, in case you missed that video, here it is.

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