KarmaSwap: Sell your stuffs with a swap store

Here’s this new website by Karmaloop that lets individuals and brands setup shop to sell their goods to millions of people.  As an individual retailer you can original art, used gear etc. and as a brand you can setup Swap stores to sell your company’s products.  If you are not a brand and don’t produce your own products but want to sell stuffs you own (new or used), then you can become a Swap Re-Seller. It may sound almost similar to services like CafePress or Zazzle, but actually it is a lot different than them. For instance, in KarmaSwap, you have to process and ship your own orders unlike CafePress or Zazzle.

What they offer to the sellers though is an exposure to the tune of 2.5 millions customers each month.  So, if you have a brand/company and coming up with new products then you can check out the Swap stores.

For details click here.

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