New Tees from Threadless

Threadless has launched a few awesome new tees. Here are some you should have a look at …

‘Cats and Dragons’ T-shirt
Nice design from Ulises Farinas. Available as 8-color screen print, plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.


‘Say Hello to My Little Friends’ T-shirtsay hello

Weapons are bad. Bud they do really look good on a tee. Don’t believe me, look at this tee.

‘Rock On, Rock Off’ T-shirt

rock on rock off
In designer’s own words “This design was inspired by the best moment during a concert—when everyone shows their appreciation for the music—whether it’s a hand gesture or a lighter.”

‘Dinner Is Ready’ T-shirt

A nice and clean design. Not much variance of color yet looks brilliant.

‘Danger! Keep Out of Reach of Children’ T-shirt

Clean and cute.


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