New Tees This Week

Just a quick post about some cool new tees that came out this week. Looks like new Christmas tees has started coming out already. I am expecting quite a few more new Christmas tees in the coming weeks.

Festival of Lightsabers

A great tee for Star War Geeks.

Festival of Lightsabers tshirt

Winter is Coming

A new Game of Thrones t-shirt.

winter is coming tshirt

Keep the Change

I am not sure about the reference here. I know it’s from  Home Alone but I am also pretty sure it comes from an older movie or some TV show. Not that it matters given the tee is pretty cool typography.

keey the change filthy animal tshirt

Dont Stop Believin

Well, Christmas is near, and we’ll get to see more new Christmas tees.

dont stop bealivin

Kids Today Have No Idea What This Is

Well the kids today may not have any idea about what this is but if you have used one this things you know you are a hipster geek.

Kids Today Have No Idea What This Is Floppy Tshirt

Your Argument Is Invalid

Yes that’s right.

Your Argument Is Invalid tshirt

Who Wants Jelly Donuts?

Well , this one caught me by surprise. I am so used to the whole “What Would X Do” meme that I automatically start reading What Would… as soon as I see two WWs together. Okay, so that’s why this tee is a refreshing take on it.

who wants jelly donuts tshirt

Kochroach Extermination Services

Pest control never gets more serious than this

Kochroach Extermination Services Tshirt

Rock Paper Scissors Recycled

A nice new tee from Threadless

Rock Paper Scissors Recycled tee

Knight Owl

This is actually a very cute T-shirt. Would make a great tee for kids.

Knight Owl Tshirt

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