Occupy Wall St. Getting Trademarked?

It doesn’t take long for someone to see a potential profitable proposition and grow it into a commercial venture. But this fact  doesn’t reduce the irony of the fact that the same would happen to the movement that is symbolically against corporate greed. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations has grown from a small demonstration to a worldwide movement in a short time of just over a month. And just like with any other happening events, it didn’t take much time for the t-shirt manufacturer to come out with t-shirts  on the same theme. I even did a list on Occupy Wall St T-shirts some time back.

Anyway, the latest news on this is that a Long Island couple is trying to trademark the slogan “Occupy Wall St.” with intent to sell T-shirts among other items. A trademark application has already been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 18 in this regard. However, not everyone is happy with this development. As Tyler Combelic an OWS spokesman puts it “The goal of OWS is not to become a profitable business, Anything that misconstrues it as such, such as trademarking for the sake of profiting, is missing the point of protest.”

So what’s your view on it?

Source : CNN

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