Some changes to the blog and a beautiful poster!

If you have noticed, the tagline of this blog has changed. Yes, it’s no longer only about tees. This blog will feature the best of t-shirts, hoodies and posters from the best stores all over the web, from now on! Why the change?

Well, two reasons. First of all, the audience for tee and hoodies are almost the same group, and with a little effort you can even throw in a blend of posters into that. So, essentially this blog will be featuring similar although different kinds of  products. If you are looking to buy a Metallica tee, chances are you are also interested in a Metallica posters!

Second, well it just reiterates the first reason. The traffic analysis for this blog shows a lot of visitors who lands here searching for hoodies or posters (who most probably goes back to their search engine disappointed after seeing no hoodie and poster stuffs here). So, why not give them what they want. Sounds fair?

In more news, this site is going to introduce new features very soon (yes, we will be more than just a blog, albeit with no less importance to the blog). I am not divulging much details now, but keep watching, we’re bringing in more tools and features to get the best tees, hoodies and posters to you!

Okay, just to start with the new sections, here’s an beautiful poster by famous  pop artist  Roy Lichtenstein titled Sunrise. Its available in size 39.5 x 23.5 in (without border: 38 x 19 in) and costs $31.99. You can even get it framed at some extra cost. Check it out here.

Sunrise  1965  Roy Lichtenstein Poster

Pop artist

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