Beer Tap T-Shirt from DeezTeez

Okay, so you love to T-shirts, and you love beer. Now you are thinking what the connection is? Aah, yet another beer t-shirt with a picture of a beer mug and a funny saying. Well, wrong! It’s much more than that.  Yes, this t-shirt is related to beer, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Ever found yourself at loss looking for a bottle opener with a beer bottle in hand. I know, it’s frustrating and the fact is that it happens many times. After all, nobody keep a bottle opener with him all the time. But guess what, you will never find yourself in such a situation again. DeezTeez has the right solution for you “The Beer Tap T-Shirt”.

Beer Tap T-shirt is a t-shirt with a bottle opener built in at the bottom of the shirt. And what’s more, you can practically select any design from DeezTeez and add a beer tap to that t-shirt for $5 more. So, if you are wearing any DeezTeez t-shirt, you always have a bottle opener with you, and its beer time any time.

Here’s a video off the beer tap t-shirt in action so you can get a better idea of how it works.

And here’s how to add a beer tap to your T-shirt.


First of select a t-shirt that you want to buy and navigate to that page. You will see a “Beer Tap This Shirt For $5” option. Click that dropdown box and select Yes, Add that beer tap. Click on Add to cart and you’re done! It’s that easy! If you still need any more details check this page out.

And well, you should also have a look at some other places like Tanked that sells T-shirts with beer bottle opener. And then there is the BeerBot, a beer bottle opener t-shirt from ThinkGeek and the beer bottle opener t-shirt by DrinkIt, that comes to my mind right now.



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