Want a Google Wave Invite?

Okay, so finally got my Google wave invitation that I was waiting for long. After giving out a few invites to some of my friends I have three invites left to spare and I would like give them away to the readers of my blog. Don’t worry I ain’t holding out any contest asking you to subscribe to my blog or whatever (although you are most welcome to subscribe to my blog if you like it). Just post a comment here or send me a note here dropping me your email where I can send the invite.

I will be waiting for responses for the next one week and after that I will be giving away the invites. As I have only three invites left, I will do a lottery of sorts to choose out three of you who gets the invites in case there are more than three people asking for invites. So just drop in a note here or comment here if you want an invite and don’t forget to tell me the email address where I can send the invites.

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