What Our Threads Say About Us

As a person who prides himself on finding cool shirts, whether it be because of design or a simple clever phrase, I have a few shirts that always make me wonder what people are thinking when I wear them. From now defunct VintageVantage (VV), one of those shirts that cause me to scan faces is their “Siesta Conmigo” shirt.

First, VV was known for how soft their shirts were. They were remarkably well made, and I hate the idea that they went out of business. To that end, however, I can’t help but wonder what the people who can speak spanish are actually thinking about my shirt. The translation, according to Google Translate, is “nap with me”. With my little knowledge of Spanish, I always see it as “Siesta Con Amigo” – which is “sleep with friend” – I think.

Irregardless, I wonder if it makes me look like a sex craved manic looking for people to sleep with? Maybe they are applauding my multi-cultural prowess? Either way, I love it because the design is simple and the shirt is really freaking soft.

I have other shirts that I’ve had to stop wearing by request of my wife. One of my favorites is T-Shirt Hell’s “Baaaaa Means No”. I literally couldn’t wait to put this shirt on and go for a ride on my motorcycle when I first got it. Another shirt that gets a comment virtually every time I wear it is “It’s Just Safer To Assume I Know Karate” from Threadless. I can’t even begin to tell you how many smirks and laughs (and even the occasional high-five) I’ve gotten wearing that one. I actually had a flight attendant at an airport counter ask me where she could buy it from.

How awesome would it be to see someone walking down the aisle serving drinks with that shirt on?!

T-shirts are such an easy way to be expressive on the cheap. You can show your sense of humor (whether it be dark or light), and even your political, religion, or professional stance on something.  All without saying a single word.

So buy ’em and wear ’em proudly. You never know the people you’ll meet because of the smile you put on their face!

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