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If you are wondering what this post about Inception totem is doing in this blog, well I can explain. Remember that Inception T shirts posts I did some times back? It’s one of the most viewed posts on this blog and considering the huge interest the movie Inception has generated about it it’s hardly a surprise. Anyway, looks like people are searching more than just Inception T-shirts. I have got several emails asking if I know where they can buy the totem shown in the movie.

So, just a few minutes back I logged into my mail and find another two new emails asking about the totems. Well, I thought, why not just do a post about it. So here it is, an ‘exception’ post on this t-shirt blog.

“So, where can I buy the Inception totem?”. Well, the first place I looked at was eBay. and a search there and you can see a lot of Inception totem listed for sale.


And then a Google search found me Inception Top and there’s also a hub on items that were used as totems by Ariadne, Arthur etc., (remember the dice?)

And yeah, I don’t really know about how exactly the items on sale would resemble with the totems shown in the movie as I have not checked them out myself, so make sure you go through it before buying. Anyway, the purpose of this post is served, and now I can just refer anybody who emails me asking about the Inception totems to this post. ;-) Kinda, time saver :-)

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