Review Requests

So – you have a brand we’ve gotta see? Our most important mission is to increase awareness for indie brands, while fueling our perpetual love for designers and their ability to craft wearable art. As such, we’d enjoy the privilege to review your brand.

We do not ask for any direct compensation (paid spotlights are available) for our general reviews. If you send us merchandise, or provide discount codes for us to share with our readers, that just makes the process more exciting for everyone involved.

Here are some general rules for a brand review from

  1. We are not in the business of writing reviews that are generally negative overall. Our readers rarely care about brands that we would not recommend, and therefore, we try to review only the brands that should score positively. For that reason, not every brand submitted will be reviewed. If you are planning on sending us an unsolicited sample of your product, feel free to contact us at [email protected] beforehand to ensure your brand is a good match for a review.
  2. Understand we attempt to keep everything as open and transparent as possible. During our review process we try and balance the good and bad from the submissions. Don’t take it personally, as our critique is an attempt to help you and other designers gain insight from an unbiased resource of passionate t-shirt consumers. In conjunction with the first rule, if we feel like your brand would suffer (more than benefit) from a review we just won’t write the review in the first place.
  3. If you are planning on sending us merchandise, it is greatly appreciated. We like to take pictures of the packaging (if its worthy of a picture) and the shirts for display on our site. All merchandise sent to will NOT be returned irregardless of whether a review is written or not. The submission of merchandise is not an agreement or contract for a review. As long as the first rule is met, we will do our best to review every worthy brand that comes our way. Once we are done, we plan on wearing your shirt to the mall, bed, work, etc.  Address information for merchandise submission is provided on the interview questionnaire.
  4. All brands seeking a review must complete the review interview. Be honest. In the submissions where we have to rely on digital contact alone, we appreciate your openness about the ins and outs of your brand.  We will also note in every review whether or not we actually have merchandise in hand.  As such, consumers can make their own assessments based on the knowledge that we had  (or did not have) product in hand.
  5. Although not required (nor does it alter the outcome of a review), if you’d like to arrange a giveaway or discount code to go along with the release of the review please let us know. We love engaging our readers, and discounts and giveaways are an excellent way of doing that.

In the end, we look forward to promoting your brand. We will post links of the review on our twitter account and facebook page. It is our intention to help bring you new customers as that will fuel our passion in supporting brands of all shapes and sizes.

To access the review interview page, please visit our contact form and let us know your name and brand url.  We will quickly scan your stuff and let you know if your products or services are a good fit for a review.  If you’d like a quicker response, please visit our advertising page to learn more about spotlight posts.