The Best T-Shirt Templates To Create Stunning T-Shirt Mockups

If you are a T-shirt designer you may already be using commercial or custom t-shirt mockups and templates to showcase your designs online. Your clients might need the visual assistance to see how your design will look on an actual shirt. If you aren’t using t-shirt mockups and templates, then we highly recommend you start. Making lasting impressions quickly is something everyone can benefit from.

Mocking up a design on a template makes it visually more appealing. It makes it easier for the viewer to see how the design may look on an actual t-shirt as it highlights details, placement, and how the design fares against the t-shirt color. Still not convinced? Try this on for size – create an image on a realistic looking t-shirt mockup and then compare it with the plain design – you’ll then know what we mean.

This is not a tutorial and we are not going to waste anymore of your time. This is a list of t-shirt mockups and templates that you can use to present your designs.  Below, we have listed free and paid templates to help you find the one you need.

Paid Templates

GoMedia Arsenal’s ultimate shirt mockup collection
GoMedia Is The Go To Resource

AA2001 T-Shirt Template Heather Grey Stripe
heather gray tsirt template

AA2001 T-Shirt Template Black
black tshirt template

AA2001 T-Shirt Template White
american apparel white tshirt template

Free Templates

Designbyhumans Starter Files

Blank T-Shirt – White
blank white tshirt template

Blank T-Shirt – Black
blank black tshirt template

PSD T-Shirt template
PSD tshirt template

Black Vector T-Shirt
black tshirt template vector

Adobe Illustrator T-Shirt Template
Adobe illustrator tshirt temmplate

Tshirt model

Blank T Shirt Template
Blank T Shirt Template

Girl’s shirt template
Girl’s t shirt template

T-shirt VectorTemplate

V Neck Shirt Template
V neck t shirt template

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6 comments on “The Best T-Shirt Templates To Create Stunning T-Shirt Mockups

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  2. Thank you for your article, I have just a question. If I want another color for the t-shirt I have to find a template with the color or I can easily change the color of the template without change the texture?

    Thank you for your answer

    • I guess one or two of the templates come with a layer mask thing where you can apply a different color if you want ….

  3. Great post. I am in the process of designing my own collection of t shirts. Is it possible to do a mock up of the inside of the tshirts? I have some awesome ideas to a tshirts, but I need to be able to do a mockup of the inside. Happy holidays! :)

    • I’m actually finalizing a review on 60SecondShirt. Their level of customization is crazy. I know you can design on the inside of some of their mockups (like hoodies and what not)

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