Create Your Own Online T-shirt Store With PropellShops

If you are a good designer with ideas and want to make money selling your own T-shirt s, it’s possible. The easiest approach to it will be to open an online store with the help of any of the online customized item shops that allow designers to sell their design on many different kinds of products. In my Create Your Own Online T-shirt Store series I have already covered CafePress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt. Today, let’s talk about PropellShop.

PropellShop is a web store that features customized merchandise. It works in a similar way to Zazzle, CafePress etc., that is, you create your design and upload it to the site using their online tools, choose the items you want to sell and set their price and you are done. The demanding tasks like hosting your shop, making the actual product with your design on it, processing payment and shipping them to customers are done by Propelshops. Like most of other such stores, PropellShops pays you a certain share of every sale.

A PropellShops shop can be integrated into your own website (without advertising the name PropellShop).PropellShop is free to set up and maintain. Each item on PropellShop has a wholesale price that is visible only to the shop owners. PropellShop also provide shop owners with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price (MSRP), which gives a 20-25% profit to shop owners. When any item is sold, PropellShop keeps the wholesale amount (and shipping plus handling charges) and the rest is the amount earned by the shop owner. The payment to shop owners is made via check or PayPal, and the minimum payout amount is $25.00 (Though balances on all accounts are paid out with no minimum at the end of every year).

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