Daily tee sites, where to get those tees after sale is over?

This is something I guess faced by many among us. Imagine this, you really like the new t-shirt from that daily tee site (like Teefury for example) and want to buy it for sure. Problem is, don’t have enough cash to spend on that particular day or may be you have just stumbled on the t-shirt a bit late and a new t-shirt has taken its place. Now, the business model of these daily tee site is that they put a t-shirt on sale only for a day (some two days but you get the idea). Once the time is up for a t-shirt , a new one will take its place and usually it will never be on sale again. There are many sites like this currently and some of them come up with really great tees almost every day.

So back to our problem. How do I get the t-shirt I want desperately and unfortunately missed out on. Well, there’s nothing I can say for certain. Some of those tees never see the light again and some does. But here are a couple things you can try if you find yourself in a similar situation. First thing to do is to go to the gallery or similar pages where the sites put their previous tees on display and view the product. Depending on the site you will probably find an artists bio along with links to the artists own website or store. If the artist has a store of their own (on RedBubble, Skreened, Spreadshirt etc.) most of the times you’ll find the tee on sale there. One thing I have noticed is that the tee will definitely cost you more, but hey, if you are so desperate to get it then why not? For example here’s one great t-shirt for the Doctor Who fans that was on sale on TeeFury on 2011-12-01. Doctor Whoville…

doctor whoville

And if you follow the artist’s website from the bio, you’ll surely see the same t-shirt on sale currently here.

Next thing I have noticed is that sometimes the same design ends up being run by another daily tee site. Now it will take me sometime to find and post an exact instance it happened. But I am sure that happens as I have come across this more than one time. So, this may be a long shot but it may work to keep your eye on the daily tee sites and the design you want may end up being run by some other site. Now there’s an easy way to do this rather than visiting each and every sites daily (unless if you want to). An easier way is to use tee magnet ,a site that aggregates all new tees from the daily tee sites so you can view them in one place.

These two are no surefire way to find a t-shirt after its sale day is over, but you’d be amazed to see how many times they work (especially the first one). If you’ve got any more ideas please share in comments.

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