How To Create Your Own T-shirt Store With Storenvy

The first step is to register with Storenvy. Once you have registered with your details, Storenvy will take you to its welcome screen (the page with some beautiful clouds). Where you can find links to various features like editing your profile, inviting friends, take part in a discussion and open a store. Follow the link that says open a store.


The next page you need to enter basic details of your store like Store name, your PayPal email address and the Store URL. Enter these details and read and agree to the Seller’s agreement and click on “Open Your Store”.

storenvy open store step-2

If everything goes fine you should be taken to the success page that lets you know that your store has been created successfully and also provide links to your store and your store’s admin section. If you try to view your store clicking on the store URL link, you will see that the store is in maintenance mode. This is because by default Storenvy stores has this mode on when created and you need to turn this off manually, after setting up the store with all required details.
storenvy store closed-for-maintanance
Once you are at the admin dashboard, you can track sales, orders, visitors to your store and view and analyze many other important details like Most Viewed Products, Best Sellers etc. While you are at the admin dashboard, click on the Settings dashboard and click on store profile. Fill up other details for your store like store location, store avatar, store description etc.
On the left side of the store profile page you should be able to see two buttons that you can use to turn on or turn off maintenance mode. When you turn off the maintenance mode your store goes live immediately.

The admin dashboard also gives you quick access to all the vital stats and tasks you may need to maintain your store. The Order tab lets your track orders (all, open, shipped, on hold, pending, cancelled orders etc.), the products tab lets you manage your collection of products and add new products, Design tab lets your customize the look of your store by choosing a theme or by editing CSS and HTML and the Promote tab lets you add discount codes.

As you can see, creating your own store with Storenvy is very easy.  Keep experimenting with the options on the admin dashboard and you will soon get a better idea of how things work in Storenvy and also will be amazed to see how easy it is.

Happy Selling!

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