How To Set Up Google Analytics for Zazzle Store

Zazzle is very good way to sell your T-shit designs (also other stuffs like skateboard, mouse pad, coffee mugs, binders, stickers etc ..), if you are good at designing but doesn’t want the hassle of printing, maintaining inventory, processing payment, shipping etc. Zazzle provides you with a web store where you can showcase your designs and sell them. Now as with any website, the key factor to your success is traffic to your site. From a webmaster’s prospective it is also important to analyze your traffic, traffic source, conversions etc. The best free way to track traffic and analyze is to use Google Analytics. Setting up Analytics on your personal blog or site is easy. But how do you set up Analytics to track your Zazzle store? Turns out that’s easy too!

First thing to do is to login to your Google Analytics account and create a new profile for Zazzle. You can do this by clicking on the “+ Add new account” link on your Analytics dashboard. Enter all the required details like profile name, website URL ( etc. and save the profile. Keep a note of the Analytics tracking ID for this profile and come back to Zazzle.

Login into your Zazzle account and click on “My Account” link on top of the page, on the account page click on the “Store” tab. Find and click on the “Basic Information” link under “Store Settings” on the left sidebar. The basic information page appears where you can edit settings like your store name, store description, store tags, store access (if you want to make your store private) etc.


If you scroll down a bit you can also see a checkbox that says “Enable Google Analytics”. Check that box and enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID (In the form UA-XXXXXXX-X). Save changes and you are done. Google analytics will now track your Zazzle store.

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