Less known ways to create a custom T-shirt

Before you make a facepalm and start throwing names at me, let me clarify that this is not another post about places like Zazzle where you can create a custom tee. They all seem to be very well known and have been the subject of many posts in numerous blogs (including this one!).

Here are a few less known (or less discussed) places or ways to create a custom t-shirt (well not entirely custom as you will see). They are based on a theme and you can create a tee based on it

Create a T-shirt from a Reddit thread
I don’t know if this feature was there on Reddit for a long time but it amazes me to find even some regular redditors to be unaware of it. No, not the Reddit tees that you can buy in the store. But do you know that you can create a T-shirt from any Reddit thread? If you do, well you can skip this section else read on.

You will find a link called “Shirt” on the tab menu bar above the thread title.


Just click on that link and your shirt will be created with the thread title on it and you can also buy it.


Create a T-shirt from Facebook status
Status King is a Facebook app that helps you discover clever status ideas. It also lets you create a T-shirt with your funny status. And if you get crowned as the status king, you even get a free T-shirt. Check out the app for more details.

Create a T-shirt from Twitter update
Want to put your favorite tweet on a T-shirt? You can do it with a few clicks. Just head over here, sign in with Twitter, choose a tweet, create the design and buy the resultant shirt. Simple!

That’s all I could remember for now. If you know about any such unusual places to create a t-shirt, please leave a comment and I shall include it in the list.

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  1. That Reedit t-shirt thing is cool. reddit is full of funny stuffs and its a handy feature to get a tee with funny lines

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