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The most important, yet easily overlooked, part of any t-shirt brand is marketing.  This may seem obvious, but creating high quality t-shirt mockups for customers is as vital as the design itself.  Consumer’s rarely have the time or imagination to picture what a particular shirt might look like once they put it on.  Designers, especially indie brands, rarely have the resources to create modeled studio shots to properly display their wearable art.  The solution?  Mockups.

The folks over at were kind enough to send over their mockups for us to examine.  Let’s see how they stand up to the competition.

Perspective can make all the difference when making a sale. If you leave a customer to their own imagination on the wearability of your designs, you are going to have fewer sales.  Problem is, framing out product shots is an expensive process.  For some, prohibitively so.  Finding the right mockup to fit the tone of your brand is also critical.  Designing for a client?  There is no doubt that you will have better success finalizing a t-shirt if they can actually see a person wearing it.  Remember, removing any guess work is key in this industry.

60SecondShirt has been providing high-quality t-shirt mockup templates since 2010.  These templates are infinitely customizable and easy to use with little effort required. When selecting a mockup to use for your brand, pay attention to the following:  simplicity, available documentation, examples, quality of template, support, and available template customization. 60SecondShirt excels in most – if not all – of these areas.  As you can see in the video above, we created a t-shirt mockup in a matter of minutes.

60SecondShirt, by their own admission, do not advertise their products often.  Honestly, they don’t really need to.  When speaking with 60SecondShirt creator Cam, he told me they provide custom templates for different companies.  If you are a MMA enthusiast, it is highly likely you’ve seen their work in the open market.

I asked Cam what he thought separated 60SecondShirt from other options. Without hesitation, he said:

“The most powerful feature of the 60SecondShirt shop is the use of layer comps. Layer comps are the most underrated feature in Photoshop and can save you untold amounts of time, which in our experience is the next best thing to money at a t-shirt shop.”

I’ve been a user of Adobe Photoshop for many years (which these templates do require). Being familiar with the general concepts behind effective Photoshop use, Cam’s claim was right.  Not only had I never used layer comps, but they are truly awesome.  60SecondShirt’s implementation of them in their products is both brilliant and highly effective.

60SecondShirt templates excel at empowering designers to customize their mockups.  For example, it is easy to remove all elements from their stock V2 template and output a design that is ready for 99% of t-shirt mockup applications.  60SecondShirt also provide model-based templates with the same flexibility. The models featured in 60SecondShirt are attractive and help a consumer visualize what t-shirts will look like when worn.

Don’t let the 60SecondShirt name fool you. Although you can easily create a template in 60 seconds, you can also customize these mockups so their output uniquely matches the tone of your brand.  These templates are logically separated out into grouped layers that are well documented and easy to follow.  60SecondShirt’s included documentation and video tutorials will have you up and running in no time.

I wish I had an actual gripe about these templates. If I did, I could easily tweak the template myself. For example, the default backgrounds would never work in my mockups. Some of them have a rusty metal look while I prefer that studio shot feel. Customizing the background is easy and I can create multiple variations with a few mouse clicks.

My only complaint about the entire experience would be the 60SecondShirt website.  The site provides great video tutorials and documentation, but it can be a little hectic as it bounces between and the parent site ( Picking up multiple templates at a time could be a chaotic shopping experience. On that note, however, delivery of the templates is fast and simple. This is great for customers in a pinch.

Ready to give these templates a try?  I would recommend grabbing 60SecondShirt v2 (which includes the front, back and sleeve of a t-shirt) and one of their model templates. If you primarily sell unisex shirts, or to a male audience, you can’t go wrong with their “Model Mike” template. 60SecondShirt has two female mockups, but my preference is for “Model Karen” as it has more options than “Model Sasha”.

NOTE: For some STRANGE reason, I did feel the need to create a t-shirt with the design on the back of the “Model Sasha” template. Strange, right?

I asked Cam about template support.  He said they try to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours.  Some issues may take longer to resolve, but they make it a point to stay connected.  He also mentioned that they love providing quick screen shots or casts when helping a customer.  Cam pointed out that they do release minor updates, and notify their customers via email with links to the updated files.

Cam said the future for 60SecondShirt holds additional model templates, along with some other by-demand requests like baseball caps, sweat pants, and underwear.

These templates are high quality, easy to use, well documented, and provide any designer or brand manager a product they can rely on.  60SecondShirt templates will easily pay for themselves (some starting at $4.99!) as you benefit from increased sales by increasing customer confidence. As someone who has had to deal with all sorts of templates, including the free ones, I feel an investment into a quality template provided by 60SecondShirt is a smart choice for any designer who wants to display their wearable art.

Additional Product Shots:

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