Ways for Non-Designers to Make Money with their T-shirt Ideas

There are tons of websites where you can submit your t-shirt design and make money. Threadless, DBH, Teefury to name a few! Also there are places like Zazzle where you can put up your own design for sale and make money without worrying about the printing and other stuffs. But all this requires designing skills. So what if you are not a designer but still wants to make money creating your own t-shirts? Well, you can. There are places where you can submit your own t-shirt ideas which if selected would be made into a t-shirt by the store itself and you get paid for the idea too. Granted, these kind of sites are much less compared to the sites that accepts a complete design, but they still offer a way for the non-designers to earn with their design ideas. You can submit anything for just a slogan to a complete t-shirt idea depending on the site requirement and get paid if your idea is made into a shirt. This is a small list of sites that accept t-shirt slogan or ideas and pays you for it. I would be coming up with another bigger list soon.


Threadless is not only for the designers. Even if you are not a designer you can still get your idea made into a T-shirt by them. You can submit your slogans to Threadless to be made into a T-shirt. Don’t worry about the design as they will take care of it if your design is chosen. You also win a cool $500 if your slogan makes it to a tee.


ShockerTees offers $150 + T-shirts for your t-shirt ideas that make it to a tee.


TShirtHell is another place to submit your T-shirt ideas. If you idea gets selected by them you win $200 and 10 free t-shirts.


ThinkGeek the geek t-shirt (and other stuffs) store, accepts ideas submissions for T-shirts. If your idea gets selected by them to be made into a shirt, you win $250 in cash or $300 ThinkGeek gift certificate.

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