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Random Objects
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I’m excited to write about one of my favorite indie brands, Random Objects. A t-shirt company based in the melting pot of creativity and originality, New York, Random Objects is a sophisciated brand that has shown it’s ability to stick in a crowded industry.


As posted on their Tumblr page:

“Quotes and proverbs inspire all of our designs here at RANDOM OBJECTS. They are the common theme that run throughout our products. We take these various quotes and proverbs and interpret them visually.”

The crew at Random Objects certainly holds true to their mission. Their designs are not only fashionable, but most of them usually have some sort of deeper meaning that go with them. With prints such as “Minds Should Never Be Closed” and “We Must Sail and Not Drift” it is hard not to feel sophisticated when wearing a Random Object Tee.


Like most of the smaller high quality brands, Random Objects prints on American Apparel blanks. They are extremely soft to the touch, and slimming to the core. The inks on the two Random Object shirts I own are also very soft. I have worn my shirts many times (even went for a few runs in them) since they arrived on my doorstep. The quality of their process really stands out as they still look as good today as they did when I bought them.


Delivery of my purchase was made in a timely fashion after my order submission. If I recall correctly, they arrived in the mail after 10 or so days. As you can see pictured above, they also included some extra goodies which is always nice.


I purchased the “Always Working” and “Carpe Diem” shirts. Those shirts currently run for $24.00 plus shipping. Certainly not the cheapest on the market, but they are well worth it when you get the final product in your hand. These shirts have the makings to last a while, and the style that went into them is well worth the extra cost.


In the end, Random Objects is definately a brand that you should give a look if you haven’t already. Their designs are smart, and I plan on buying more of them in the future. Check them out at or on twitter at @randomobjects today!

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