8 Balloon Boy (Falcon Heene) Inspired T shirts

Falcon Heene has become famous overnight for hiding into a box in the attic of his home. Well, to put it in a way (irrespective of what and how of the incident), the kid has inspired a new internet meme “balloon boy” and also there are many jokes and parodies doing the rounds of social networking sites now. So, how can the T shirt industry be left behind?

Yes, there are already T-shirts available online with Falcon and the incident as the subject. Here are a few of them …

Falcon’s Day Off Tshirt

Falcon's Day Off Tshirts

Ballon Boy T-shirt

Ballon Boy T-shirts


Go falcon Go

It’s Balloon Boy! Tshirt

It's Balloon Boy! Tshirt

Balloon Boy The Truth is out there Tee Shirts

Balloon Boy The Truth is out there Tee Shirts

Have you seen my balloon,boy?

have you seen my balloon boy

Balloon Boy Airlines Colorado


Colorado Balloon Boy (We did this for the show) T shirt

We did for the show-balloon boy t shirt

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