Anti BP (Oil Spill Disaster) Poster and Art Prints

I guess I am getting obsessed with the BP oil spill disaster and doing posts related to the event still. Well, the spill hasn’t stopped yet, so why should I? Ha ha! Anyway, after doing the anti BP t-shirts and more oil spill disaster t-shirts, here’s something different. Well, it’s still about the oil spill and BP, but it’s not t-shirts. Here are some BP Oil spill related posters and art prints for your walls.

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster (From Space)


BP Beach Pollution Poster

BP Beach Pollution Poster

Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?

Did you plug the hole yet Daddy

We Didn’t Ask for This

We Didn't Ask for This

BP: British Pollution

British Pollution poster

Courtesy of BP

Courtesy of BP oil spill

International Full Translation

International Full Translation

And the last one, may be not exactly BP oil spill related but quite a good general oil spill print.”Diagram of the Effects of Oil and Oil Spills on Wildlife”

Diagram of the Effects of Oil and Oil Spills on Wildlife poster

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