Anti BP (Oil Spill) T-shirts

The BP oil spill has caused much outrage with the disaster still not over after several weeks have passed. The debate over how it should be solved, the impact of it on environment and many other concerns seems not to end in the near future. With that the call to boycott BP and to protest has also gained some voice. And if you are among the ones who is mad at BP (and who’s not?) and want to protest, here’s a different way you can do it. Here are some anti BP and oil spill related t-shirts that you can wear to show your protest and raise awareness about the issue. Check them out.


I heart bp tshirt


THANK YOU BP for killing t-shirt

BP Cares

BP Cares

Spill Baby Spill

Spill Baby Spill tshirt

Anti – BP

BP can kiss my ass tshirt

We’re Bringing Oil to American Shores


Save The Gulf

save the gulf anti bp tshirt

Offshore Drilling

Offshore Drilling bp tshirt

Plug the hole with BP executives

Plug the hole with bp executives tshirt

I’d like my life back – Boycott BP Tshirt

I'd like my life back - boycott BP tshirt

WTF BP oil spill tshirt

WTf Bp tshirt

BP Oil Spill Tshirt

BP Oil Spill Tshirt

Spill baby spill

spill baby spill anti bp tshirt

Fowl Language

Fowl Language oil disaster t-shirt

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