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Even grumpy guys are obliged to show a little holiday spirit. These holiday t-shirts can help. First, you’ll be more comfortable in these than in that itchy sweater Mom would rather you wear to the Christmas gathering. Second, these snarky tees are great conversation starters, so you won’t be on your own again when it comes to picking up that cute girl at the mall or that hotty from the office whose gotten a little tipsy at the company holiday bash.

1. Oh, right, guys, this one is a ladies tee. Well, you have to admit it’s funny! Why not pick up one of these for your younger sister, your girlfriend or any other lady in your life with a good sense of humor. Especially if you’re feeling a bit grumpy about the holidays, this tee offers a great way to share the way you feel without being labeled a Scrouge.

Fruitcake Causes Flatulence

Fruitcake Causes Flatulence

– via Zazzle

2. Bad Idea T Shirts just keeps the holiday humor coming. First we’ve established that fruitcake is bad for the ladies. Now look what tragedy can come from nibbling on man-shaped cookies.

Gingerbread Dilemma

Gingerbread Dilem

– via BadIdeaTShirts

3. Perhaps your favorite Christmas treat is more rum, fewer rum balls. If so, you’ll be the life of the party in this pirate-themed garb that echoes your convictions concerning the holidays.

Yo Ho-Ho

Yo Ho-Ho

-via CafePress

photo by: laszlo-photo

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