Julian Assange (Wikileaks) T-shirts

Not all the tees featured here are from the Wikileaks official store. If you are looking to support Wikileaks by buying from the officially endorsed store then click here.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange are making the headlines everyday. And after his arrest, there have been many protest by supporters of Wikileaks and the call for his release is gaining more voices.

And when there’s something like this, how can the T-shirt world be left behind? So, I just spent sometime to look for some Wikileaks related tees and I found many and looks like new T-shirts are coming up every day. So, here’s a collection of some Wikileaks, Julian Assange T-shirts. I guess I have to update this collection very soon as I see many new similar tees coming out.

Wikileaks, Viva la comunicación T-shirt


I Support Wikileaks T-shirt

I Support Wikileaks T-shirt

Free Julian Assange T-shirt


Wikileaks T shirt


Wikileaks Informant T-Shirt

Wikileaks Informant T-Shirt

Assange HERO T Shirt


Julian Assange T-Shirt


WikiLeaks Freedom

WikiLeaks Freedom

Leak Wars T-shirt


Free Assange! T-Shirt


Assange T-Shirt


Leak It


Democracy’s Address T-Shirt


Top Secret, No Problem! Leak it! T-Shirt


Support The Leak Tee


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6 comments on “Julian Assange (Wikileaks) T-shirts

    • Not sure about that. If any proceeds from sale goes to any organization the vendor site usually mentions that. If that’s not the case then I guess its safe to assume that it doesn’t.

  1. The Truth Will Out shirt is in clear violation of my copyright. You have merely remove the “will out” and badly place the words “politic prisoner” and “Julian assange” above and below my image. Please remove the image immediately.

  2. @rsh . Thanks for letting us know about it. However, I should also mention that it is not our shirt and we don’t design or print any shirts. We are just T-shirt search engine and a blog where we blog about t-shirts from various online stores. The shirt in question was on sale at Zazzle and as I see now, they may have already removed it.

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