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Well, well, well! No much activity around here off late, huh? Well, I was (actually still am) too caught up in several projects and stuffs that I am getting too little time to keep things up-to-date here. Anyway, I finally decided that I would somehow manage enough time every week to keep things fresh around here. Also, there are many other (big?) things planned for teeVault and I am hoping they materialize soon, details later :-)

So, here’s a small collection of some Lego themed tees for all you Lego lovers (who doesn’t love Lego???).

Lego Kiwi T-Shirt


Where Is My Happy Face?


Crash Test




Mullet Lego Man


Batman Lego Joker T Shirt


Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper Lego Star wars

Lego Brick Construction T-Shirt

Lego Brick Construction T-Shirt

Who Dun It?

Who Dun It

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