T-Rex T-Shirts

Honey Badger may not care but T-Rex is the original badass everyone loves. So, I decided to do a round-up of t-shirts featuring (drumroll please) the mighty T-Rex. Now, most T-Rex t-shirts I come across are just plain overdone jokes making fun of its tiny arms, but I have tried to maintain a variety in this roundup. So, here it is.

Technicolour Rex

T-Rex, now with Technicolour.



T Rex in the retro neon fashion from DBH.


T-Rex Jurassic Park

The most predictable T-Rex shirt?

T-Rex Jurassic Park Tshirt

Skateboarding T-Rex

T-Rex sure knows how to have fun.


T-Rex Hates pushups

This is an overdone joke, but still funny.

T-Rex Hates pushups tshirt

T-Rex Tearing T-shirt

T-Rex Tearing

Tyrannosaurus RAD

Tyrannosaurus RAD Tshirt

Noah’s Dilemma

Noah's Dilemma Tshirt


Another cool T-Rex T-shirt from DBH.

Extinct T rex Tshirt


A T-Rex and Star Wars mashup? Why Not?

Tie-Rex Star war Tshirt

Epic Duel t-shirt

Another joke on T-Rex’s hilariously small hands.

t-rex epic duel tshirt

T-Rex Shirt

Incredibly gorgeous T-Rex t-shirt.

T-Rex Shirt

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks Tshirt

Mr T-Rex


T-Rex on a bike

T-Rex on a bike tshirt

Jurassic Times

Well, all I can say is that it probably didn’t work.


Red T-Rex

Sheldon made it famous.

Red Trex sheldon tshirt

T-Rex Is Hungry T-Shirt

hungry t-rex tshirt

T Rex Loves Chinups

t-rex love chin up tshirt

T Rex Football

T Rex Football Tshirt

Toy Story – Rex Face T-Shirt

Toy Story - Rex Face T-Shirt

T-Rex Predator

T-Rex Predator Tshirt

Know Your Dinosaurs

Someone’s being naughty again.

Know Your Dinosaurs T Rex tee

Ukulele T-Rex

Ukulele T-Rex Tshirt

T-Rex Hoodie

I had to include this hoodie in the round-up just because it is, well cool and fun Smile


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