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TSA is making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. Airport security is of course very important for the safety of the passengers and others. But equally important is the privacy of the passengers. Hence, the debate ‘how far is too far’ with TSA’s screening and pat downs.

There has been in fact, protests recently and lot of activities can be seen in various forums with people venting their anger and frustration about TSA. And like in any other protests, this too have found its way into the T-shirt world already. Here’s a collection of TSA (or Anti-TSA?) T-shirts. Some are funny, some are plain, but they all make the same point. Find an alternative to ensure airport security without violating our privacy.

“Statue of Security” – TSA airport security scanner T-Shirt


Junk Search


Your Naked Photos are Safe With Us and We’re Making Air Travel a Touching Experience


Official TSA Groping Guide


My Junk Is Da Bomb


Don’t Touch My Junk! Airport Security T-Shirt

Dont Touch My Junk TSA Airport Security T-Shirt

Don’t Touch My Junk T-shirt

TSA Don't Touch My Junk T-shirt

Keep your Hands Off TSA

keep your hands off tsa

I Got Strip Searched By The TSA T-Shirt

I Got Strip Searched By The TSA T-Shirt

I Heart TSA

I Heart TSA

TSA – Terror by sexual assault T-shirt

TSA-Terror by sexual assault tshirt

I Was Molested By The TSA

I Was Molested By The TSA tshirt

Fly Naked Tshirt

fly naked tshirt

TSA Checkpoint

tsa checkpoint tshirt

TSA Rubbed My Balls Tshirt

tsa rubbed my balls tshirt

Don’t Touch My Junk Tshirt

tsa dont touch junk tee

TSA – US Department of Molestation T-shirt

TSA - US Department of Molestation T-shirt

TSA – Opt Out T-shirt

TA Opt Out Tshirt

Testicle Safety Assessors Tee

Testicle Safety Assessors Tee Shirt

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