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Just a week passed of the FIFA world cup 2010 and we already know of some of the things that this soccer world cup will be remembered for. Robert Green’s terrible miss, North Korea’s impressive play, Maradona’s theatrics and of course, the Vuvuzela. I don’t know of any other musical instrument used by sports fans being so controversial. Annoyed by its never stopping buzz many people are complaining that it has made the world cup less watchable. And there are players too who complained being disturbed by the sound that makes one assume that the stadium is filled with thousands of bees. But it’s a local tradition in South Africa and surely would take the fun out of the game for the locals if it’s not there. And even though the sound is mostly annoying many people actually like it or like to annoy others with the sound. There’s even a Vuvuzela i-Phone app for it.

Anyway, love it or hate it the Vuvuzela has already made a mark in this world cup and reason why I chose to do a post on some Vuvuzela t-shirts. So, here are some Vuvuzela tees that you can wear in this world cup to show your love or hate for that annoying little thing.

South Africa Vuvuzela Soccer T-Shirt

South Africa Vuvuzela Soccer T-Shirt


Vuvuzero vuvuzela tshirt

No Vuvuzelas

No Vuvuzelas tshirt

Go Vuvuzelas Shirt

Go Vuvuzelas Shirt

Ban the Vuvuzelas! T-Shirt


More Cowbell Less Vuvuzela T-shirt

More Cowbell Less Vuvuzela Tshirt

Vuvuzela Wasp T-shirt

Vuvuzela Wasp Tshirt

Vuvuzelas are not a crime sweatshirt

Vuvuzelas are not a crime pullover sweatshirt

Vuvuzela Hero – World Cup 2010

Vuvuzela Hero - World Cup 2010 Tshirt

Save The Vuvuzela T-Shirt

Save The Vuvuzela T Shirt

Blow Me Vuvuzela Soccer T-Shirt

Blow Me Vuvuzela Soccer T-Shirt

Africa for Africa

Africa for Africa vuvuzela tshirt

I Love Vuvuzela T-shirt

I Love Vuvuzela tshirt

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