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The All New TeeVault has been a fixture in the t-shirt industry since 2008. Originally, it was designed to provide a single location for t-shirt connoisseurs to find t-shirts from many different designers in one easy-to-use interface. Interestingly enough, however, a majority of the traffic driven to the site came through its blog.

Last Month, Exsom Group, LLC aquired the website from it’s previous owner. Exsom is a small IT group based in Austin, Texas. Our sister company, FiveOneTwo, LLC, is a small indie brand representing what we love most – our city. As such, we felt like the aquisition of made perfect sense as it highlights a passion we already have – t-shirts.

The first question you might have (which is the same one we had) is what happens next? To continue a site that already has a strong community following, we plan on rearranging it’s core focus a bit. We will continue to work on deepening the development of “The Vault“, but we are going to change our primary focus to promoting the indie t-shirt industry. We hope to bring articles about how to start a t-shirt company, t-shirt deals, brand reviews, and unique roundups featuring some of our favorite styles and topics. We aim to engage our readers with giveaways through twitter and facebook, and drive sales to other indie brands around the globe.

This idea isn’t a new one for us. We attempted to start such an idea with FiveOneTwo. Our original intent with FiveOneTwo was to sell our own t-shirts while promoting other indie brands. Obviously, the difficulty came in defining our own identity. Were we a t-shirt brand or a review site? The addition of helps us seperate these two goals. FiveOneTwo will continue to produce awesome outerwears, while will feature other brands and resources from a team of passionate enthusaists.

We can’t do it alone. If you have a brand that you’d like featured on, please check out our review request page for more information. If you’d like to offer discount codes for our readers to snag some of your stuff on the cheap, please send them in via our contact page! Have a deal you read about? Want to advertise on the site? Let us know!

We look forward to the future and hope to expand even further! Talk to us! Connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, website, email at [email protected], or dig up more information on our FAQ page today!

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I'm a serial entrepreneur, a husband, and a father. I love developing applications and writing about technology, t-shirts, and any other issues that can occupy my attention. At, I'm el jefe and enjoy working with indie brands and promoting wearable art.

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