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After a long period of laziness I have finally managed to get myself accomplish what I had been planning for long. To start a T-shirt blog. Though I had bought this domain long back due to lack of time (and some amount of laziness) I was not able to set up the blog. But here it is now finally, my T-shirt blog all set up and running (although there’s nothing posted till now.)

But I know, just setting up the blog is no reason for celebration. In fact, this is where the actual job starts. Through this blog I intend to post about new T-shirts, T-shirt promotional offers, discount coupons to buy T-shirt online, T-shirt related news etc etc.. I have many bigger plans to but lets talk about them when its the right time!

Anyway, I hope I would be able to post regularly and make this blog a great resource for T-shirt lovers. Have a nice time browsing around!

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